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Not new to Europe, the USA and Australia, steel frame buildings are increasingly being manufactured and erected in South Africa.
Not only are sheds and houses made using steel frame designs, but even highrise apartments and hotels are also commonly being erected all over the world.
Once cladded with Cromodeck or Nutec Everite sheeting – 9mm, they cannot be distinguished from regular buildings. They offer numerous advantages over traditional brick and wood constructions. These include:
• The frames and trusses are extremely lightweight. This makes them safer, easy to handle and easy to transport and erect, requiring less labour
• Modular, computer-assisted designs mean you can custom build them to your specific requirements
• Speed of manufacture and assembly make the steel frame building extremely cost effective, and cuts down delivery time.
• Being fireproof is an obvious safety advantage
• Steel frames have inherent design strength and quality is consistently assured, especially when the manufacturer carries nationally recognised certification
• Durable and climate-resistant, the steel frame building will far outlast its normal counterpart and will save on maintenance
• Environment-friendly, with little wastage in construction. The frame is recyclable and reducing wood has obvious advantages in saving trees
• Numerous internal and external cladding options mean the finished product can be aesthetically pleasing as well as fully functional
• Plumbing and electrics can be easily accommodated, as can aircons
• Once erected, the design can be easily modified to meet future requirements.

RH Construction is a level 2 B- BBEE with 125% recognition

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RH Construction manufactures and erects light steel framed Foldaway Houses ECD's, classrooms, soup kitchens, containers, storage units, housing units, Ablution facilites etc...using Altenative Construction Methodologies.
The schools, early childhood development centres, soup kitchens, conatainers, storage units, housing units, ablution facilities etc consist of light steel guage frames...



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