All Early Childhood Development Centres come with a fully paved play area, only SABS approved pavers are used. Once cladded with Nutec Everite 9mm board or Magnesium Oxide board, they cannot be distinguished from regular buildings. They offer numerous advantages over the traditional brick and wood structures.

Numerous internal and external cladding options mean that plumbing and electrical fittings can easily be accomodated. Once erected the design can be easily modified to meet future requirements.


Ablution facilities are all waterless systems that has two 6000 litre JOJO Septic tanks side by side in a galvanised steel frame for support and 100mm 20mPa concrete floor slabs. All septic tanks use a liquid bio solution that is eco friendly and all solid waste gets broken down to water. The end product is odourless and can be used in gardens. The ablution unit consists off 5 seaters and 2 urinals per 12000 litre septic tanks.

RH Construction is currently one of the suppliers of Ablution Facilities to various contractors who service the Ethewini Municiopality. We have successfully supplied numerous facilities over the past few months. All units can be connected to sewer lines and installed with proper plumbing facilities and water.


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