About Us


RH Construction was established in 2009 and is currently based in Richards Bay, Kwa-Zulu Natal. We pride our selves as being one of the best Light Steel Framed Building Companies in KZN.

RH Construction is a level 2 B- BBEE with 125% recognition


RH Construction manufactures and erects light steel framed ECD's, classrooms, soup kitchens, nurses residence, clinics and Ablution facilites using Alternative Construction Methodologies.
All Light Steel framed buildings consists of light gauge steel structure:
• 90mm profile for the interior and exterior walls and roof trusses.
• 63mm profile for partitioning, joists and Brandering.
• The floors are concrete slabs 150mm thick and are 20mPa with 1000mm aprons around. Expansion joints where necessary. Where units are raw bolted onto a foundation, the steel framed floor joist is covered with 18mm shutterboard and 15mm fibre cement board.
• The wall panels are usually covered with 9mm fibre cement and 11mm OSB Board on the outside and inside. However internal and external cladding may vary.

• Units can be cladded internally with 12mm Drywalling boards, fibrecement and OSB boards as the client would request or with what best suits the unit.
• The frames are generally 2.4m high and 90mm wide and are manufactured from 0.58mm thick galvanised light gauge steel.
This steel is purchased in coils and are rolled into panels with the use of Scottsdale Construction System. The RF 700 series is an intelligent CNC rollforming machine that automatically produces all the framing components for a structure. The computer controlled, servo driven rollforming machine precisely rolls out the steel profile through seven progressive stations. The accuracy of the extrudded steel construction components is down to 0.5mm.
• The frames are extremely light weight which makes them safer, easy to handle and easy to transport and erect. Being fireproof is an abvious safety advantage.
• The steel frames have an inherent design, strenght and quality is consistently assured, especially when the manufacturer carries a nationally recognised certification. Being durable and climate resistant the steel frames will far outlast its normal counterparts.
• Aluminum window frames, with 4mm glass panes, are used on all structures to allow the lifespan of windows to coincide with that of the galavanised steelframes.
• 10 panel doors with Union four lever lock sets are used on all units.
• The roof trusses and galvanised roof sheeting are all rolled at the factory and transported to sites, ready to assemble.
• All electrical fitting, washbasins, toilets seats, septic tanks, chalkboards, pin boards, book shelves pigeon holes, kitchen cupboards and ceilings are installed by our onsite teams.
• The units are painted with Plascon paint and undercoat.
• The floors are covered with 2mm Vinyl tiles or carpet as required.